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Zhu Lin – 159cm


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I’m Zhu Lin, and I work at the Chinese embassy in Asia. I’m only 159cm tall, so I often get mistaken for a Chinese sex doll by some of the men here. And you know what? I kind of enjoy it.

Being a sex doll means that I get to have sex with lots of different people, and I love it! My body is always available for anyone who wants it, and they can do whatever they please to me. Sometimes, they’ll take me into a dark alleyway for some quick fun, and other times they’ll invite me into their homes for a night of pleasure.

I don’t care what these men do to me; I just love having wild, passionate sex with as many people as possible. And the best part is that nobody ever has to know about it except for us involved in the act. It’s our little secret pleasure that we can enjoy together.


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