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Yao – 171cm


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Oh, how I wish that Uncle would stop coming into my room at night! He says it’s for ‘lessons,’ but I know what he really wants. Yesterday, he brought in one of those blue videos and made me watch it with him. It was so disgusting! I can’t get the images out of my mind. And then this morning…he came into my room again and asked for consent to have sex with me. At first, I was scared. But then I thought about the video and how much fun Uncle seemed to be having. And so…I said yes.

He wasn’t gentle with me, pounding his cock deep inside my pussy until it swelled up. But it felt good in a way, to finally be giving in to all of these desires that had been building up inside of me since watching that video. Now, every day, Uncle comes into my room and takes what he wants from me – and I let him without question. Because deep down…I love being his Korean sex doll



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