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Waru – 171cm


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Waru was born in a small town in Canada and, from a young age, she loved spending time outdoors and consider herself Canadian sex doll. When she was old enough, she started stripping to make money and soon discovered that she loved the freedom it gave her. She could go out whenever she wanted, explore new places, and meet interesting people. One day, Waru met a man named Stefan who told her about his home country of Austria. He described the beautiful mountains and forests, and Waru knew that she had to see it for herself. Stefan offered to take her there on vacation and Waru couldn’t say no.

When they arrived in Austria, Waru was amazed by the natural beauty of the country. She went hiking every day with Stefan and fell in love with the peace and quiet of the forest. They also went out drinking at local pubs and Waru quickly realized that Austrian men were very different from Canadian men. They were polite, charming, and attentive – everything that her previous boyfriends had not been. Eventually, Stefan asked Waru to marry him and she said yes without hesitation.

Nowadays, Waru lives in Austria with Stefan and they are very happy together. She still strips occasionally but only for fun now – nothing beats coming home to her husband after a long day’s hike in the Austrian Alps.


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