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Tiffany – 167cm


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When Tiffany was just a young girl, she and her family were taken hostage by a group of criminals. Her father was killed during the ordeal, and Tiffany was left traumatized and scarred. She was kept in a small room with no windows, and was forced to do whatever the criminals demanded of her.

One day, however, a policeman named John fell in love with Tiffany. He helped her escape from the criminals, but she needed to pay for it by performing sexual favors for him. John would take her into his office at work and have his way with her; fucking and pounding her tight pussy until she was screaming in ecstasy.

Tiffany soon began to enjoy these sessions with John; finding that nothing made her feel more alive than being dominated by him. And as time went on, they grew closer and closer… eventually becoming lovers outside of the office as well.



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