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Sarah – 169cm


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Sarah was a British girl who loved sex and intimacy. She loved learning about all different types of British sex dolls and their abilities to enhance her own sexual experiences. One day, while online, she came across a website that sold these dolls. She ordered one immediately and couldn’t wait to try it out. When the doll arrived, Sarah was excited to get started. She took off all of her clothes and got into bed with the doll. It felt so realistic! The soft skin, the curves, everything was perfect. Sarah started kissing and licking the doll’s body, getting it nice and wet. Then she slowly inserted her own fingers inside the doll, mimicking what she would do during sex. She moaned in pleasure as she fingered herself harder and faster. Suddenly, she had an amazing orgasm!

She repeated this process many times over the next few weeks, each time enjoying herself even more than the last. The best part was that she could do whatever she wanted with the doll; there were no boundaries whatsoever! Sarah quickly became known as “the girl who loves her British sex doll.”



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