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Saddie – 130CM


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Saddie is a 20-year-old student and works in a high-end American Bar. Her job is to serve drinks directly to the customer, make drinks for others, refill ice machines and clean tables. All the rich and young people visiting at night have started to take an interest in her. They staring at her with lustful eyes it made her uncomfortable. One time, she was asked out by a rich guy who she could never refuse because he could ruin the bar with bad publicity. She left with him to his home where they hooked up and he was kind in the beginning but became aggressive later on when they were together.

The next morning she wakes up feeling sick and hungover, but she wanted to go back to work so she takes a bus home. When she arrives, her uncle told her that there was an article on her landlord being accused of raping two American sex dolls, one of them being Saddie herself! Saddie leaves immediately after reading this article.



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