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Queen – 171cm


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She was just a Queen by name. In real life, she was a servant at the house of an Australian guy. One day, she was working on her routine, washing utensils in the kitchen and sweeping the floor with a mop. The House owner, I mean that Australian man entered the room in a drunken state.

He was losing his senses. She ran forward to hold him and took him to the couch. Then she tried to go to the kitchen to fetch some water for him. But he couldn’t let her go away. He held her hand and grabbed her in his arms. She was nervous but couldn’t stop him.

He kissed her throughout her neck and put his hand inside her panty. It was already wet. He rubbed that area so well. He kept calling her a small tits sex doll during the whole act and ended up thudding his cock into her innocent pussy with great force.

1 review for Queen – 171cm

  1. Davy

    I was looking for a tall sex doll to fulfill my fantasies and this one is perfect, really enjoyed the realistic skin and eyes that came with her. I would recommend buying a storage box and heating rod also. You can find elsewhere, not sure why you don’t sell this.

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