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Mira – 165cm


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Mira is a high-end sex doll made in Europe. She’s 165cm tall, with perky breasts and a tight ass. Men from all over the world have paid top dollar for her charms, and she’s always ready to please.

But one day, Mira met a man who was different than the others. He didn’t want to take her to bed; he wanted to talk to her. He asked about her life, her dreams, and what it was like being a sex doll. Mira found herself opening up to him, and before long, they were friends.

The man began coming by every day, just to chat with Mira. They would talk for hours on end, getting to know each other better and better. Eventually, the man confesses his love for Mira. She blushes but admits that she loves him too.

They get married soon after that and live happily ever after… except for one thing: Mira still enjoys pleasing men sexually, even though she’s now monogamous with her husband. But that’s ok; he understands and even helps her out sometimes 😉



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