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Lola – 172cm


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Lola loves to work body shops. She is busty and curvy and always fantasizes about her invisible partner having sex with her. She would imagine them touching her all over, exploring her body with their hands and mouths and treating her like big tits sex doll.

She loved the feeling of being desired, of being wanted by someone who couldn’t even see her. It made her feel sexy and powerful, and she often got aroused while working.

One day, Lola was working on a car when she suddenly felt a pair of hands touch her hips from behind. She gasped in pleasure as the hands began to explore her curves, kneading her breasts and pulling at her nipples. She could feel the heat of the person’s body against hers, and she moaned as they began to grind against her.

The hands moved between her legs, rubbing circles around her clit until she was panting with need. Then, before she could even beg for more, the person behind her slid inside her wetness deep inside of her.



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