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Lizzie – 130CM


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We are about to open a new chapter in the history of air travel. Carmine the CEO of Air Travel Company, has just launched the first ever ‘uniquely’ designed, made-to-order airplane.

But with all of this innovation and modern day luxuries comes a reality that technology brings with it – AI integration.

The Lizzie was a most beautiful air hostess. One day, she was serving the air passengers lunch on this new plane. One of them asked for her contact number and she willingly gave it to him – he soon turned out to be her love interest. This budding romance led to them meeting several times after work hours – eventually they could no longer resist the heat and showed up at her apartment one night, where they had sex together.

But Lizzie began to realize that something wasn’t quite right when she found herself unable to distinguish between humans and AI anymore. Right now, she is looking for a right companion to be someone’s asian sex doll.



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