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Jasmin – 171cm


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Jasmin was born and raised in Thailand, where she still resides today. A petite woman, Jasmin stands at only 171 cm tall, but what she lacks in stature she makes up for with her sassy attitude and quick wit. She works as a IT support technician, and spends most of her free time playing computer games or relaxing at home.

Jasmin is quite content with her life; she loves spending time indoors, eating ramen noodles and hanging out with her friends online. Her black hair is long and thick, cascading down her back in soft waves. And though she doesn’t consider herself to be particularly pretty, Jasmin believes that her breasts are her best asset – they’re big enough to catch the eye without being too overbearing.

All in all, Jasmin is a contented young woman who likes to relax and take things easy. She’s not one for adventure or excitement, preferring instead to stay in familiar surroundings where she feels comfortable and safe. These attributes make her best Asian sex doll.


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