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Hedy – 172cm


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“Hey, Hedy,” Jane said as she walked into Hedy’s apartment after a long workout at the gym. “Thanks for letting me crash here for a bit. I’m starving and I don’t want to go home just yet.”

Hedy smiled and nodded, her 172 cm frame towering over her petite friend. “Of course, no problem at all! Come on in and make yourself comfortable.”

Jane entered and walked into the living room, where Hedy joined her. The two women sat on the couch together and chatted idly about their day while they relaxed.

But unbeknownst to Jane, Hedy had something else in mind. After a few minutes of conversation, she turned to Jane with a sly smile on her face. “You know…I’ve been thinking about you lately.”

Jane quirked an eyebrow in confusion but didn’t say anything. She could tell that there was more to this statement than met the eye.

Hedy continued: “Ever since we first became friends, I couldn’t help but feel attracted to you.” She leaned closer to Jane until their faces were only inches apart. “And now that I see you after working out…you’re looking so sexy my big tits sex doll.”


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