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Georgia – 169cm


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My husband stayed so busy with his business that I often felt like I was living in a vacuum. It was nice to finally have someone to talk to who lived close by.

My neighbour started coming over all the time, and soon we were good friends. He always seemed so happy to see me, and he loved talking about anything and everything. I enjoyed his company immensely.

One day, while my husband was out of town on business, my neighbour came over for a visit. We were sitting on the couch chatting when he suddenly reached over and kissed me. I gasped in surprise but then kissed him back eagerly. He started fondling my breasts and before long we were both naked on the couch together. He called me a ‘busty sex doll’ and told me how much he wanted me – it turned me on so much hearing him talk like that! Before long we were making love like there was no tomorrow…


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