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Estrella – 155CM


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Estrella is a Canadian travelling to Europe for the first time. She’s staying with an old family friend who used to be a close friend of her mother’s. Miriam is no longer as social and has not set up any activities or events. This annoys Estrella who enjoys meeting new people and exploring the surroundings.

On a walk through the city, Estrella gets separated from her friends and bumps into a man she finds attractive. After an initial misunderstanding she realizes their connection in trying to navigate their way back through the city, and he promises to show her around in exchange for yoga lessons when she returns.

Miriam is there for Estrella as her original companion but Estrella begins to warm up more to this man from Europe than her old friend from Canada. They plan on having dinner together when he gets back from his business trip but his father falls ill at the last minute so he manages things in Europe to take care of him there instead of coming over for more fun.

But later on when she met that man with a great zeal, she started kissing him everywhere and did hard sex with him in his car. He made herself his Canadian sex doll.



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