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Eliza – 170cm


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Eliza had a perfect hourglass figure, long legs, and a sultry gaze that could make any man weak in the knees.

But even with all her charms, Eliza couldn’t help but feel lonely sometimes. She longed for someone to share her life with, someone who would appreciate her curves and lovesickness alike.

One day, while she was browsing through an online forum for American sex dolls, she came across a post from Wild Silicone Sex Dolls. They were looking for lesbian testers for their new line of sex dolls. Intrigued, Eliza applied and was chosen as one of the lucky few.

The next day, a large box arrived at her doorsteps containing a brand new sex doll. It was taller than her by several inches, with broad shoulders and a chiseled face that rivaled any Hollywood heartthrob. But what caught Eliza’s eye most were his almond-shaped eyes that seemed to twinkle with mischief.

She couldn’t wait to try it out…



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