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Chloe – 171cm


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Chloe was always self-conscious about her small breasts. She ressembled small tits sex dolls. She was a tall girl, and although she loved her curves, she wished her chest was just a little bit bigger. She worked as a beautician in a spa, and one day, she had an idea. Maybe if she offered anal sex to her clients during their massages, they would be more satisfied?

She tentatively brought it up with her boss, and after some discussion, they decided to give it a try. Chloe was nervous but excited as she went into work the next day. Her first client of the day was a man who seemed eager for something more than just a regular massage. When Chloe suggested they move to the bedroom for his session, he didn’t hesitate.

She eagerly got down on all fours for him, letting him slide his hard cock into her tight back hole. He fucked her hard from behind, driving himself deeper inside with each thrust. Chloe moaned in pleasure as he pounded her ass, until finally he came inside of her. She smiled to herself; this new service seemed like it was going to be a success!


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