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Bahiya – 169cm


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“Hey, you!” Bahiya called out to the handsome man as he walked by her bar. She leaned back against the counter, sipping on her cocktail and eyeing him up and down. She could tell that he was a wealthy man, probably here on business. “What can I do for you?” she asked, batting her eyelashes at him.

The man hesitated for a moment before stepping closer to her. “I’m looking for some fun tonight, you busty sex doll” he said gruffly.

Bahiya grinned and nodded. “I can definitely help you with that.” She led him upstairs to one of the private rooms and got down to business. She was always eager to please her clients, and anal sex was always a favourite of hers. She could feel the man’s excitement as she pulled down her panties and bent over the bed for him.

He plunged deep into her tight hole, giving it everything he had. Bahiya moaned in pleasure as she took every inch of him inside her. The feeling was exquisite, better than anything she’d ever experienced before. She rode him hard until both of them came explosively, then lay there panting in ecstasy. What a night!


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