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Badra – 170cm


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I’m Badra, and I’m a European sex doll, with all the curves in the right places. And let me tell you, I get a lot of attention from men.

 Maybe it’s my sultry French accent, or my big boobs, but ever since I hit the market, I’ve been in high demand. Guys can’t seem to resist me, and I don’t blame them – I’m pretty irresistible!

Of course, some guys get a little too carried away. There was this one guy who started getting rough with me during sex, and when I told him to stop he just got mad. He ended up smashing me against the wall and tearing my arm off!

Yeah, it was pretty scary. But thankfully Zelex Dolls is always there to help repair me – they’re the best in the business. They’re always upgrading their dolls so that we look and feel as real as possible. So even if something happens to me (knock on wood), I’ll always be able to come back looking better than ever.



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