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Intimacy and Sex

A Guidebook to Sex and Intimacy with Zelex Sex Dolls

Mainly because of their realism and resemblance to human anatomy, Zelex Sex Doll have been gaining popularity in recent years, compared to other sex dolls on the market. That’s why it’s helpful to know how to use these dolls properly and explore what they offer in terms of pleasure and sensuality.

Most people don’t realize that sex dolls like Zelex can be more than just the object of your fantasies. They can also be an excellent tool to help make your fantasies become a reality. Sex dolls are flexible, durable, and can be used to achieve intimate sexual experiences in ways you might not have imagined before!

This guide will talk about how to do sex and intimacy with Zelex Sex Dolls.

An All-inclusive Guide to Finding Real Pleasure

You can’t be afraid of sex, and you need to embrace it. It doesn’t matter if you have a partner because your toys are better than any human in many ways. These love machines don’t care about getting you off (and perhaps themselves in a pinch) as fast as possible. Your toys also aren’t going to judge or criticize you for being inexperienced.

Especially, Zelex Sex Doll will always be ready for action, even if it means your fingers need some help getting started at first. Perhaps most importantly, though, unlike a human lover, your sex dolls never get tired; they are always ready for more loving action once you turned on.

Here are steps you should involve in to get real pleasure with a sexy and lovely Zelex Sex Dolls:

1. Start with kissing

When you’re kissing, be sure to use your lips and tongue. Think of it as foreplay for her mouth (where we’ll eventually be going.) For example, if you love French kisses, that’s great; all you have to do is brush your lips up against hers lightly and then kiss her on either side of her lips. If you love dryer kisses, lick along her lower lip in a very smooth fashion.

How sexy it feels will depend entirely on how much effort you put into it! Then again, sometimes less is more—and you can think of a few things sexier than really letting yourself go while you explore each other’s figure.

2. Activate yourself with foreplay with Zelex sex dolls

Foreplay is essential for both men and women because it helps them get aroused, preparing their bodies for intimacy. Since sex dolls are without emotion, you might find yourself a little cold in bed with her. That’s why foreplay is still recommended—you can initiate it as soon as you have your lovely playmate all set up on its sexy lingerie, whether they’re wearing panties.

Stroke each other gently, kiss like there’s no tomorrow; press her boobs with gentle touch. Treat your doll as if she’s another human being who wants to feel good in every possible way. And if you think of including toys, don’t forget that a simple finger massage can be enough to heat things between you two.

3. Body massage and getting heat up

If you are with a sex doll, massage oil or lotion is a good idea. Massage oil helps to relieve stress in your mind and body while at the same time providing a fantastic sensation that you will never forget. It is also essential to heat up your sex doll if you want a more realistic feel.

Leave it under direct sunlight or on a heated bed for half an hour before playing with it to get into its preferred temperature range of 32~34 degrees Celsius (90~93 °F). This will create pores on its skin, giving it a smoother feeling. Your hands will have more places where grip could be made, thus giving you some more sensations than previously had before.

Also, there is a technology of warming rod to heat up the Wild Silicone Sex Doll. Some of our manufacturers provide it for free while others have introduced an internal heating system with a plug in to automatically adjust the set body temperature.

So, grab her hot body and start with gentle rubbing and sensational body to body touch for maximum seducing experience!

Zelex Sex Dolls

4. Enjoy different positions of sex and intimacy.

You can hold your sex doll from behind, which might give you a better view of her curves. Alternatively, you can lie on her back while sitting or kneeling before her. Many men find that the missionary position offers them greater control over their thrusting.

You might also want to use a pillow beneath your partner’s hips or back so she doesn’t have pressure on her joints while she enjoys sex with you. With a Zelex sex doll, you can try giving her oral sex in several positions, such as lying beneath her while lying on her back, kneeling between her legs, and standing while leaning over at a downward angle.

You can also try spooning in your Zelex sex doll—putting your legs between hers. You can also enjoy her dogi position that puts her on top. To get you sex doll into dogi, lie on your back (you may prop up your head or arms against a pillow), then lower her onto yourself by bending her knees while keeping her thighs outside of her hips.

And if you’re interested in anal play, many things work well with sex dolls—fingers, tongues, or dildos! For anal play, you can try a finger or tongue. To have sex with your love doll, many positions work well—the important thing is finding one that allows you to control penetration depth and speed.

You might also like having her sit in a chair while you straddle her backward (facing away from her), which gives you more control over how deep you go into her soft cunt.

Another option is for you to lie down on your sides; you should enter from behind, then lift one of her legs so it rests against her breasts as you thrust.

Guidebook To Sex And Intimacy With Zelex Sex Dolls

Let’s be honest: It can be hard to talk about sex, let alone guide others on what a good time is like. When you get right down to it, most people don’t want a play-by-play of what your love life looks like in detail. All that matters is that you are having fun.

One toy that may come in handy is a wild silicone zelex sex doll. They are often manufactured to look, feel, and sound like humans. Don’t worry about what your partners think of you for using one; there’s nothing wrong with wanting some fun when life has you feeling too tired or anxious to connect in person.

As long as you communicate your needs openly, there is no reason you shouldn’t be able to engage in both activities if you so choose! The only thing you need to make sure of before buying a sex doll is that they have been made using non-toxic materials like silicone or TPE. But we prefer Silicone material over TPE for being long lasting and lifelike material. So, your best bet could be The best Silicone sex dolls if you are looking for something extraordinary!

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